There are some days where it can absolutely suck to show up. For example…on the 6th of February, I kicked off 30 Days of blogging with my BFF Kieta. Making this Day 18 of 30. More than halfway there. And the majority of days, blogging is a slice. Especially when it is done before 7 am. But, the later in the day that it gets, the greater the resistance gets. The more time I have to craft excuses rather than blog posts.

What does this reinforce for me? That if something is important, schedule it early in the day. Get up, and get started. When I hit snooze, my day goes to shite. It is like it signals my brain that I don’t have anything to be excited about. I don’t have anything important to accomplish. My purpose and passion can wait at least another nine minutes. And let me tell you something, this is NOT the message that I want to be sending the Universe. I want to bring the energy of a 5-year-old waiting for Christmas morning. Sleep? What is sleep? No one needs sleep. Especially when there are some gorgeous gifts beneath the tree.

Are you snoozing your way through life? What difference could it make for you, your business and your family, if you lept from bed each day with joyful expectation? Do you think that it could influence your energy levels, your happiness quotient and your ability to manifest miracles?

I am willing to bet that it could make all the difference that you are looking for. If you are snoozing your way through life, and you are craving bigger, better results from this trip around the sun, you could be the perfect fit for my latest case study. Curious? Want to know more? I would love to share it with you. Pm me for deets.

And tomorrow, do yourself a favour….Don’t hit snooze.