Have you ever wondered what people are saying behind your back?

Yesterday I was at week seven of a ten-week class. The topic of the class was Law of Circulation. One of my favorite topics if you recall my blog from a few days ago. And we had an exercise where we taped a sheet of paper to our backs and every participant wrote a wrote or a phrase describing how they see us. I wasn’t certain what to expect, but part of me was hoping we could avoid the terms LOUD, ABRASIVE, & OBNOXIOUS. Those were very much terms of my 20’s.

Have you ever wondered what words people would use to describe you? What kind of words would you hope they would use? What words would you write on your own sheet of paper?

My words were a pleasant surprise. Enthusiasm. Faith. Energetic Love. Happiness. Freedom. High Spirit. And Powerful. Twice. I found it fascinating that two out of eight people thought me to be powerful. Especially because when I am in a state of overwhelm and dysfunction I immediately forget that I am powerful. This is a powerful reminder of what I am capable of.

If you get the opportunity to participate in an exercise like this, I highly recommend it. Even just craft a facebook post, asking people to describe how they see you. Drink these words in. And hold them up like a mirror on the days when you have a hard time seeing your strength. Because you are so much more powerful, beautiful, kind, creative, loving, compassionate, and brilliant than you give yourself credit for.

Until tomorrow, have a day as beautiful as you.

So much Love and Gratitude,