Trauma Healing Sessions

364K hours in meditation and you still can’t nail why you feel lost, alone, confused. And that’s okay, because Today is the end.

(Cue The Doors, please!)




Feeling lost

Feeling abandoned & alone

Whatever it was that has thrown you into your shell isn’t your final destination. The markets of India, Bali & Thailand are.

Every gift from the Universe is.

Every moment spent laughing and smiling from the depths of your soul is.

But how do you get there?

Via the Trauma Healing Sessions.

What the Trauma Healing Sessions do:

  • Heal you and close the doors on the events that threw you off course.
  • Release you, energetically, from the guilt and shame you’ve been running from.
  • Close chapters of your life that have prevented you from owning every single dream you’ve had.
  • Say good-bye to triggers that spur your anger and keep you small.
  • Let go of the grudges that keep you pinned to the Earth, so you can soar.

How do you know you need a Trauma Healing Session?

  • You carry a lot of grudges that could stem from past wounds inflicted by the birth process or something that happened in your life that you don’t even really remember well.
  • Your anger is triggered on a deep and dark level over small things that shouldn’t trigger such anger.
  • You FEEL your goals and visions in the back of your heart, but you can’t really SEE them.
  • You don’t really know what you want from this life because all you can see is what other people have told you is acceptable (and it just doesn’t feel good).
  • You feel like you’re living in chaos and no matter what, you cannot find your peace, your center, your grounding.

Until now, birth trauma or some other powerful, painful event has made you remain smaller than you should be.

It has closed you off from seeing your goals and dreams because all you can see is the fog it’s created in you.

But you’re so much more than what’s happened TO you. And I do NOT say that lightly, by any stretch of Tim Burton’s imagination. Trauma is called trauma for a reason. But…

BUT there is a means to an end and healing is that end.

Your vision is alive in you – you feel it.

You feel the ability to create the life you love and a life that makes you want to fly on gilded wings through every single day.

And all you have to do: Is say yes to you.

Open yourself for :

  • Feeling good, clear, happy, so life no longer sucks, even when it sucks.
  • The dreams that keep you awake at night and see what it’s like to wake up and WANT to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Release of pain that burns you every single day.
  • Letting go of guilt that says you’re not doing/being enough for yourself or those who love you.
  • Creating, every single moment of every day, an existence that will leave your mark on this world.

How the Trauma Healing Sessions do that:

You and I sing Kumbaya for approximately 3.5 hours (just kidding). You and I connect via Skype for X and based on what we find, I’ll help you heal via the tools in my arsenal (Reiki, smudging, shamanic tools, Channeling or tarot, etc.)

Why the Trauma Healing Sessions work?

Because on the inside of all this ray of fucking sunshine you know as Lisa Friedt is a powerful leader and intuitive. What? You need not laugh. That was just mean :p

But what I do is listen to, and really hear, your wounds. I listen for the spaces in between them where healing needs to begin and together we work to close said wounds with energy work, past life work, or whatever the wounds you have need to silence them.

You’ve suffered for so long. You’ve let your dreams slip. You’ve allowed yourself to become bitter and angry.

But you know there’s so much more to you than that. There are dreams of world travel. Dreams of changing this society we live it. Dreams of wearing the stories of the people you meet because you know stories are the currency of life.

Bring your deepest desires and longings to full fruition by giving yourself the permission you’ve been waiting for, the permission to heal.

About Lisa (That’s me, by the way)

Many know me on Facebook as Canada’s greatest drinker. Just kidding. I’m Facebook’s biggest fucking ray of sunshine (like, I wasn’t kidding when I said that earlier…I’ve REALLY been dubbed that). But the reason I’ve been so aptly named is because when you’re having a bad day or a screwed up year (who isn’t having one of those lately??), I hold you up high. I hold you up so you can fit into that vision that you have of yourself.

Because, if nothing else? I KNOW you are a massive force on this Earth. And I also know that sometimes we have trouble allowing ourselves to step into those shoes. So I let you.

I let the sun shine down on you so bright, you forget your darkness and move into your greatest calling.

And these Trauma Healing Sessions have helped dozens of women do exactly that. Working through pain, guilt, and shame, we’ve healed the wounds and moved these women into places of peace, creation, and serenity.

That’s what I want to do for you.

Let’s connect and heal. Together.