Do you know what the best days are? They are the ones that you greet with joyful expectancy. The days where you just know that there is something beautiful and powerful at work here. Like the little kid at Christmas, who can’t sleep because they just know that something amazing is going to be waiting for them beneath the tree. I find myself being swept away with my daughter’s excited anticipation. And heck, I am the one who wrapped the gift. Or watched Chris wrap it. You get the point.

But Lisa, it cannot be Christmas every day. That much is true. I mean, the turkey population simply could not withstand the demand if it were Christmas every day. And we would all need larger pants. So, how can we create joyful expectancy?

Here are a few things that I practice. I invite you to join me in practicing them.

  1. It all starts the night before. I craft a love note for everyone who is friends with me on Facebook. Telling you my wish for you.
  2. The last thing we think at night tends to be the first thing that we think of in the morning. So I tell myself before I drift off to sleep that tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. That something beautiful and powerful is going to happen. That I will receive a sign that I am on the right path. I let a smile cross my lips and I drift off to dreamland.
  3. I wake up in the morning, I smile. Really big. And I remind myself that something beautiful is unfolding for me today. I remind myself to look forward to it with JOYFUL EXPECTATION. I tune into that feeling of Christmas morning. Or the buzz of excitement I get when I am about to embark on vacation. Or the playfulness that comes out in me when I am getting dressed in an unexpected manner about to surprise the world with silliness
  4. I go into prayer and meditation. The smile comes with me.
  5. After meditation, I always send a greeting to all of those that have meditated at the same time as me, using Insight Timer (A free meditation app).  If I can, I write a personalized message, wishing them an amazing day (and whatever else Spirit wishes to chime in).
  6. I remind myself throughout the day that today is the best day ever and it is about to get better. I tell people this that I meet.

There you have it. It is that simple. It works. It is free. And it can be practiced by anyone.

Am I perfect at it? No. That is why I call it a practice. Does it make a difference? 100%.

So, are you willing to greet the day with joyful expectancy? Is today going to be your best day ever? I know that just by you reading this blog post, that it has planted a seed. That today holds for you special blessings. Beautiful and Powerful things are unfolding for you. And I can hardly wait to hear all about them. Be sure to reach out to me and tell me about how the best day ever, just got better.

Until tomorrow, Have a day as beautiful as you!

So much Love and Gratitude,