Last week I had the pleasure of attending a spoon bending workshop. Now, it wasn’t one of those workshops where a person learns to bend spoons with the power of their mind. Instead this evening is a workshop that teaches a simple meditation allowing us to transfer energy to the spoon. During this energy transfer, a special moment occurs and the spoon (or fork) becomes soft and pliable in your hands and you are able to bend the spoon.

I have to admit, it is really quite fascinating when a metal object becomes soft and pliable in your hands. Oh sure, you have to apply pressure to the spoon, it isn’t only with your mind, but who cares? I think it is a great example of the power of our mind, harnessing our energy and using all of our available tools.

All too often we disregard the power of our mind. When it truly is what makes or breaks us. It can amplify our faith or magnify our fear. I have to admit I was super excited to be able to have a real life, hold in my hands, demonstration of the power of my mind, the power of my faith.

During the worksho,p it was interesting to see what worked best to get our energy high enough to transfer it to the spoon. For some, they required silence, time to gather their thoughts and deep concentration. For others, they needed to be able to release their fixation on the outcome. And for me, I required music, dancing, and laughter. When I had those three things, I could bend forks with ease. It was an excellent exercise to see what works for getting my energy and vibe super high.

Do you know the top three activities that supercharge your energy? That amplify your faith? The things that make you feel unstoppable? It is time to tap into that.

If you get a chance to attend a spoon bending workshop, I highly recommend you say yes! You will experience something far more powerful than a bent spoon.

Until tomorrow, I wish you a day as beautiful as you.

So much Love & Gratitude,