Have you ever started something, made it three days, failed to see results and then just quit? I have been there. Ask nearly every single gym membership that I have ever purchased. I would hit the gym hard for three days, maybe a week, and then I would strip down, step on the scale, look in the mirror, fail to see any sign of an ab peeking through and give up. Inspiring, aren’t I?

Well last week, as any of my avid blog readers may know, I started eating vegetarian. And if you read the blog post, it was a rough start.The cravings for a pork chop, bacon, or pepperoni were very intense.

Today I have been noticing that even though I am not seeing a huge change, I am noticing some minor ones. And these changes are enough to make me want to keep going. I am much more aware of what it is that I am eating. Thanks to dodging sweet potatoes and squash last week, I started to eat slower. Because I am eating slower, I can recognize when I am full. Now, these may seem minor and not even worth noting, however, for me, these are big. These are the building blocks. Identifying them and recognizing them are the building blocks that will help me to keep going.

When you are starting something new, look for the wins. Aggressively seek out those minor shifts and changes because they make all the difference. These are the kindling that helps to ignite the fire and keep it burning long into the night. And as we continue to keep going, the results will follow.

So tell me this, what was your most recent win?

Until tomorrow, have a day as beautiful as you!

So much Love and Gratitude,