Rebellious Fulfillment Retreat     March 26 – 30, 2018     Hilo, Hawaii

My soul says I belong here. I don’t need another word!


   ___   Arrive – March 26th.

   ___   Find your room.

   ___   Jump on the bed.

   ___   See the property.

   ___    Opening ceremony.

   ___   Eat delicious nourishing meal.

Wait. This a retreat, not a work conference. Enough with the checklists!

Our days will be filled with deep delicious dives into our soul’s longing and tapping into our ability to be in the moment. Expect          laughter, tears, growth and a renewed sense of energy and purpose. On the 29th we will be heading out on an adventure that reminds us that we are alive and each moment is filled with spine-tingling, heart-pumping adventure.

Did you start out with something to prove? Maybe someone told you that women like you couldn’t have the things that you wanted. Did they credit your early success to luck or privilege or any other method to discount your effort, so you kept striving? At some point, did the questions of whether or not you had what it took go from being asked by “them” to a niggling voice of doubt and anxiety on the inside?

And what does a girl do when she’s already ticked off all the boxes on the success checklist? When you’ve already shown up and taken names? You’ve earned respect, prestige, wealth, frequent flier miles and the big house. People look up to you. Some even wish they were you and it feels… anticlimactic, disconnected or at least just nothing like you thought it would. After all of that climbing, striving and hustling do you remember how to just Be?

If who you are, that helped you to get where you are, got lost in the shuffle on the climb, you’re not alone. We are a society that worships “doing”.

You’ve heard the Marianne Williamson schpiel. Heck, Nelson Mandela quoted it, for goodness’ sake. In fact, you’ve heard it so much that it’s little more than an inspirational poster or cute little script on your favorite coffee mug, but what if you truly could delve into that part of you… the part whose deepest fear isn’t that you’re inadequate, but that you are powerful beyond measure. What if you found the courage to look past your deepest fear and tapped into your deepest desire… to show up in the world as a magnificent manifestation of your gifts and talents that blessed the world for the highest good of all? Wouldn’t that be something? Actually, wouldn’t that be everything?

Set aside your habit of putting yourself on the back burner, being your own worst critic and your unrealistic standards long enough to hear the call of your wild, untamable rebel heart. You know that greatness isn’t just buried inside you, it Is you, just waiting to be let out… in Hawaii. Come and play… or better yet, come and BE. Your rebellious fulfillment awaits.

Includes: 5 days and 4 nights in paradise, followed by one month of integration support. 

Price: $3300 USD     –     Pay in full: $3000 USD