Happy March! This month is bringing with it beautiful things. Starting with Spring!!! A new case study designed to supercharge your clarity, time and energy. And, I am bringing in a brand new opportunity to work with me 1:1. We are talking some powerful mentorship magic, right here. I am very excited about the Miracles that are happening this month.

Each month I look at what can shift in order for me to see more growth in all areas of my life. I have a beautiful process that I work through for this. And it always reveals something juicy. (***Want to try that process yourself? Let me know and I will make it my next free opt-in***).

Last month, Spirit had quite a lot to say about what would help me grow into the best version of myself.

  • Bye Bye Meat and Wheat – Yup, I have been eating vegetarian for 2.5 weeks now.
  • No More Netflix (for the month of February)
  • Improve on my Morning Rituals. Deep the Spiritual Practice.
  • Drink less wine
  • Stop saying you cannot write
  • Pay yourself first

Now, February had some interesting moments. Some pretty cool highs and some valleys. I even spent a few days in the Rocky mountains. Like the actual Rocky Mountains. And all in all, I call February a success.

Since today is March 1st, I would love to share with you where my focus will be for this fresh, new month.

  • Keep writing.
  • Continue with the Veggies. You are surviving just fine without meat and wheat.
  • Pay yourself first – with a twist. (I will be sure to blog about this twist a little later)
  • Watch all the Netflix you want, drink all the wine you want. Live it up. Just ask yourself one teeny tiny little question before your sit down to binge on Suits and Scandal. What are you distracting yourself from? Really take the time to answer the question.
  • Get outside EVERY SINGLE DAY. A walk to the car does not count. Nature is full of miracles you know.

Now, these are not mind blowing. Part of me thinks…wow this will be so much easier than February. Did you see the part about Netflix being back? I am a work in progress. Peeling back some layers. Looking at past programing and resistance and making the adjustments.

March is going to be full of Miracles.

Tell me, what Miracles does March hold for you?

Until tomorrow, I wish you a day as beautiful as you.

So much Love,