Every single day for the month of February I have been doing certain practices. None of them very hard. None of them take very long. And none of them cost a penny. If I added up the amount of time they take during the day, I would say 15 minutes. I tap to release resistance. I love Margaret Lynch and she has my favorite EFT videos on the internet. In my opinion, of course. I use a releasing prayer, repeated 70x per day. And I meditate.

And I can’t say as I have realized amazing results. In fact, there were no results that I could directly attribute to these practices. That I could notice anyway. That was until yesterday. Yesterday, I didn’t practice any of them. And my day felt stressed, pressed for time and out of balance. And today, started with intense resistance. In fact, I was looking for every excuse not to do any of those exercises today. Because what is the point? I didn’t follow through on my efforts yesterday. Why bother starting back up with them again today? I guess those 15 minutes of Spiritual practice and connection were making a bigger difference that I gave them credit for.

So how do I convince myself to pick up my practice where I left off? Well, it starts like this. I blog about it. If I tell you how things are going for me, what I am feeling, experiencing and thinking, it opens up a dialogue. Even if none of you actually talk to me about it. I get to process my feelings as they flow onto the pages by the way of words. I get to practice another less my Dad taught me years ago, always get back on the horse right away. I also have the accountability that comes from publicly declaring that a person is going to do something. And like a cherry onto of the whipped cream, I am also taking the playful approach. Playing detective. Being willing to see how I feel after we explore and journey through the resistance. To experience all of the sensations that come from moving through the stories of how it is not worth it, to give up, to downplay the importance, to make breakfast because we are now incredibly hungry. Etc. And to give myself permission to remember that it is called a practice because it takes practice.

I am going to hit publish on this blog post and then, set a timer for 15 minutes as I recommit to my practice, spend time with my Divine and hit the reset button. If you happen to read this blog post, be sure to ask me how it went….

Today, I invite you to look for any areas where you have stumbled and somehow convinced yourself that it was a sign to quit rather than a test of your commitment. Pick up a practice that you may have set aside for a few hours, days, or years and be willing to try it again. You just may surprise yourself with how good it feels.

Until tomorrow, I wish you a day as beautiful as you.

So much Love,