Have you been waiting to read more about my adventures of eating vegetarian and gluten free? Of course you have! If not, feel free to skip this post. LOL

This weekend, I learned an important lesson. Planning is necessary for success. Please, please, please…Do not show this blog to Kimberly Lin Pollard. She will highlight that planning line and rub it in my face.

Back to the planning part. You see this weekend was a full one. I had class Saturday morning, A workshop Saturday afternoon, and a short 6 hour drive to Saskatchewan to help celebrate a beautiful, young girl as she turned 11. We lived it up at a Club Suite in the Sheraton. Thoroughly enjoyed swimming and waterslides. And then, got to enjoy a lovely drive home. It was a great weekend. Except for food challenges. You see, I had packed a lunch for my workshop. A salad, some lovely cheeses, some almonds and a few crackers. Which was great. For lunch. But the rest of the weekend, presented many challenges that I did not prepare for. Hotel complimentary suites provide some great snacks. However, when I eliminated the gluten and the meat, I was left with apples, steel cut oats, some hummus, cubed potatoes and what were supposed to be scrambled eggs. Even the hotel menus made it very challenging to eat well. And don’t even get me started about road trip snacks that aren’t packed at home first.

It really showed me how important planning is. Sure, it can feel restrictive and annoying. But planning can save you from some really awful egg like substances. And help secure your shot at success. Had I planned for more snacks and meals, I would have had more options, energy and nourishment.

So, this has me examining other areas of my life where I have avoided planning because it has felt to constrictive and restrictive. As I type this, I am being reminded of the adage “never ask a question that you don’t really want the answer to”.

I am getting the feeling that this whole eating vegetarian and gluten free phase, is going to change much more than my eating habits.

Bring it on!