Hey you, rebel hearted woman, you! A bit much? Okay, we’ll dial it back a bit.

I want you to know right now that you’re not alone in that soul dream of yours. That thing that probably keeps you up at night. The thought that somewhere deep inside of you, you have the potential, and the power for that matter, to change the world. Wow.

Told you you were rebel hearted, didn’t I? Just imagine, with me, for a second that your energy level was absolutely off the charts. You were through the roof, almost every day, with this uncontrollable giddiness, love and gratitude. Can you feel it yet? It’s almost like your heart is bursting at the seams because you’re so flipping full.

And because of this insane light shining from within you and reflecting itself to the rest of the world, people can’t help but connect with you. In fact, the ones who have met you already can’t help but shout your name from the online skyscrapers because you’re that amazing to them. And they do it because they love you back. Just as much as you are giving love to them. Because this kind of stuff is this powerful.

You can fuck the funnel. You do not, under any circumstance, have to be that person. Never. In fact, let’s eliminate ‘funnel’ from your vocabulary right now. Okay, done.

So your work feels entirely like play because that’s exactly what it is. Actually it’s play on steroids. Because that’s what sinking in and having real conversations with your clients feels like. I want that reality for you and it can be yours if you want it.

How does that feel my soon-to-be lion-hearted woman?

You do not have to stay stuck where you are, you don’t have to keep playing small in your own life, without your permission. Yes. You have complete control over it all.

And if no one, up until this point, has told you so I’ll be the one to do it. Because we have the power of choice. Now let me ask you a question. Is your trajectory right now set for ‘mediocre’? If it is, I’m here to tell you that there’s a dial called ‘extraordinary.’

And if you allow me, I’d love to teach you how to turn that dial. Because together we have the potential to have such powerful jamming sessions. All we have to do is take one step together, holding (maybe clenching) our hands and then we’ll fucking take that gigantic leap together. This is how transformation happens. With a leap of faith.

The only thing that’s holding you back rebel heart is a bit of fear. Because when you step from fear into love, that’s it, you’ve done it. We can switch from that place, believe you me. I wish I had someone painting a world of possibilities for me when I started.

Because the funnel may be working, but don’t you hate it? You’re liking your business, but do you actually love it? You may be getting an income, but are you really happy?

Think about these things for a minute. Because our brains may not be able to fathom, let alone handle, the amount of potential we have but I can see it for you. And I want you to know that you were never made for some cookie-cutter framework. You are you.

So maybe you’re scared shitless to make another investment. So maybe you have no clue how to know if you align with a coach or not. So maybe you can’t get the word ‘success’ out of your head. That’s okay, I know what that’s like. I’ve maxed out my credit card, borrowed money from my mom, invested in my vision only to lay it all on the line and not have a coach deliver like they said they would. And the only thing I did to switch this was get aligned with my integrity. I kept thinking, ‘Why am I here? What’s my calling? Where’s my purpose? How much longer am I going to wait to find out?’

So if you and I share anything in common it’s that we’re not aiming to be remembered as six-figure coaches. That is not our goal. We want to be remembered by how much we loved, how much we taught others to love. We want to leave behind a legacy.

Because if you’re true to who you are always, even if it’s unpopular to the masses, it’ll reach the right ears. You will get to where you want to get much faster operating from this heart space than you would following the masses. The right people will feel the difference in your message. Are you feeling mine? Just had to check out the theory.

I know that I would rather run with 10 then drag around 100. Cross my heart.

My dream is for you to grow past me. If that’s you, then are my dream client. I definitely say ‘YES’ to that. I want us to laugh til we cry together and focus on feeling good.

Rebel hearted women believe in relationships and when you come from this place, people will say, ‘Shut up and just take my money already!’ Hope to die on that one.


So, on that note, I want to know something from you woman. Well a few things actually.

Are you ready to change the world?

If yes, you fucking rock, and do you have a vision to do so?

Are you excited but don’t have the courage (of say a lion) to share it with the world?

Do you desperately want to take action on your mega epic world-changing ideas?

Then I want you to know that I want you…inside my private tight-knit tribe.

Trust me, I don’t ask everyone this. Even though I wear my heart on my sleeve (a lot) I only choose to partner up with rebel hearted women who share a similar value set to my own. Together, I want us to believe that we’re so much more than the money we make. Because we aren’t defined by numbers but the choices we make. We are powerful beings and we can ooze positive energy together on a high, high level.

That’s what I want for us. That’s what I desire for us. How does that sound?

I’d absolutely LOVE to know. You tell me woman. Are you ready to roar?

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I'm ready to roar!

Lisa Friedt is a rebel hearted woman. But more than that she is a creator, connector and coach who aims to help other women dream their BIG dreams and actually achieve them.

She believes that she is the catalyst for your future success. She desires for every client who comes her way to be lit on fire so much so that they excel past her own success.

Because that’s what Lisa is all about. Cultivating powerful communities and tribes that change lives.